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We receive many excellent customer testimonials, client reviews and recommendations at Strawberry House Clinic — here are just a few of the lovely comments that have been sent to us.

Received from Shirley Thomas
I attended the Strawberry House Clinic after badly damaging my knee which limited my walking and I was in constant pain. After Mr. Andreas Jochim’s excellent treatment I am free of pain and completely mobile. He is the consummate professional in all respects and I cannot recommend his services highly enough.

In these challenging times, it was extremely reassuring to see he had all the appropriate COVID guidelines in place and thus provided a very safe and positive experience.

Received from Dr Peter Warwick
I have received treatment from Andreas Jochim to alleviate occasional back problems for a number of years. His methods of relief have proved extremely helpful; not only for his technical skills, but also his positive attitude and common sense advice. These include:

  1. Being available at very short notice, so that treatment can be effected without being on a waiting list.
  2. Usually immediate diagnosis of the source and area needing treatment.
  3. Ability to relax patient, via cranial osteopathy. Advice on how to relax at home.
  4. Advice on life style eg taking care to avoid unnecessary violent or sudden movements at home/work.
  5. A confident bedside manner, that encourages positive attitude to dealing with pain and physical problems.

From mother of a baby who had cranial treatment.
After the first visit she seemed much happier; I noticed improvements straight away, she began to sleep in her crib long enough for me to get some washing up done! …she is a very happy baby always smiling and giggling, even sleeping through most nights. Mrs E. M.

From another mother
My young baby, Benjamin, attended the practice for a series of cranial osteopathy treatments and I was delighted with his progress. The whole experience was handled in a most professional and calm way and I felt totally at ease when the treatments were being carried out.

The effect on Benjamin was fantastic, he became more relaxed, and soon started to feed and settle better than before. 'Winding' became easier and more manageable as the treatment progressed and I would thoroughly recommend parents to talk to Andreas about the benefits of this treatment should they have any questions, as he will address these in a sensible and understandable way. Mrs E. Young, mother and Police Officer

From a Dad
We brought a fidgety, unsettled and non-sleeping baby to Andreas at 2 months old after a recommendation from the healthcare visitor. The transformation after our 3rd visit was incredible. He is now 6 months and we have not had to feed him after 9pm until 9 in the morning. He is also a lot more relaxed and a very happy and content baby. When I tell other parents of newborns of our easy life they are very jealous and are now trying out the same treatment. Thank you.
Adam Phillips

I attended the Strawberry House Clinic as I had a shoulder injury that had been causing me problems. I had a motorbike track day coming up, and wanted to ease the pain as much as possible beforehand. Andreas fitted me in for an appointment the day before my track day, and I received Acupuncture, heat lamp treatment and a massage.

The next day my shoulder felt fine and I was able to enjoy the track day and ride without pain or discomfort.

I was extremely impressed with the service, and the premises, and at how Andreas fitted me in for an appointment at such short notice. I would highly recommend the Strawberry House Clinic.
Mr S B

As someone who has always done physical work and exercise, I am familiar with the inside of many osteopathic practices as I’m often in need of remedial work and servicing.

The standards, as with all businesses, are variable.

For anyone considering osteopathic treatment, let me assure you that if you choose Andreas you will not be disappointed.

Firstly, Strawberry House Clinic is absolutely top notch. A very impressive set-up. It is at once high tech and relaxing with a spacious, comfortable reception. An atmosphere which is replicated in the treatment rooms.

Andreas himself is a calm, consummate professional, with an ability to set you at your ease. Along with my osteopathic treatment I had acupuncture and also laser treatment for an injury. At one point (having not asked for prices beforehand) I thought I might have seriously wandered out of my comfort zone such was the quality of the treatment. But the cost, surprisingly, is entirely comparable to other osteopaths.

So, if you require the services of an osteopath, let me assure you that you really need look no further than Andreas and the Strawberry House Clinic in Hayes.
From N S

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