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Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Childhood and adolescence are full of growth and excitement but also fears and difficult developmental tasks. Some worries might feel quite ordinary, even though children and young people still need support with managing them. At times, however, certain challenges and experiences might feel overwhelming, even paralysing.

Children or young people might feel that something is not quite right with them; they worry about things a bit more, having to ask about or do certain things again and again. Or perhaps they have not been talking and asking about it at all, but something has changed, and not just for them. They have been getting on, but low moods tend to return, anxiety and panic attacks set in from time to time.

Psychotherapy treatment offers safe and regular space for each child or young person to explore what their minds have been putting them through. They might discover that they have been very avoidant of certain emotions, blocking them out. For example, they might realise that unbeknownst to them, they have been very angry about something or someone but could not quite tell what or who that was.

Gaining insight into these thoughts and memories but also processing them emotionally with a trusted person can bring enormous relief to their lives, not just on the inside, but also within the family and all their relationships.