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Hypnosis is a centuries old phenomena; having been subjected to rigorous study and clinical testing, is now a recognised therapy for specific issues or conditions. Steve’s gentle and pragmatic approach to therapy is all about putting you back in control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Whilst the effect of hypnotherapy can appear magical, it is not some mystical ability but about learning to use your mind in different ways.

Steve describes hypnosis as focused imagination, where you become so involved in your imagination that it becomes real for you. You are mentally alert and in control, your inward focus giving the mistaken external impression of sleep. Hypnosis is something you do, not something that is done to you.

The purpose of hypnosis is to achieve unconscious change to those things that appear automatic or part of you. The effect can be powerful and yet subtle; perhaps feeling like you have always been that new way.

Hypnotherapy does not suit all issues so before therapy begins there is a free 20 minute consultation so you can discuss your issue; if and how Steve can help and your options. There is no obligation to book any sessions or even to decide there and then.

Steve is a qualified and accredited hypnotherapist working full time from his own dedicated therapy room and this clinic. As well as being a practitioner, he is also a tutor at a major UK hypnotherapy school based on the South Coast.